Paseos First Friday Gallery Walk

Paseos First Friday Gallery Walk 

(First Friday of every month)


Are you an art junky? Do you like to see the creative side of things? 


Come check out Paseos First Friday Gallery Walk in OKC. 


Paseo is Oklahoma City’s official art district. It’s about two miles two miles north of downtown.


Paseo is home to more than 17 galleries & more than 70 artists display their work. 


More than 80 artist in more than 25 galleries participate in this event.


They gather all the the artwork and display it for sale during the Paseos First Friday gallery walk. 


From a vary wide variety of art, theres bound to be something that will catch your eye.


There is also some of the Paseos best restaurants take part in the event, with live music and special menu items. 


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